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May 2019


6th International Festival of Dance and Circus

22. 5. - 26. 5.

Let's make super powers great again! BANG! POW! ZAP! SMASH! MOVE! MOVE Fest 2019 will be super strong! This year’s theme is Super Powers. But don’t…

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Ski poles ready, wax your moustache, an encouraging shot of tea and let’s start! Cross-Country Skiing Odyssey is a funny acrobatic and juggling variation on the…

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6th International Dance and Circus Festival

22. 5. - 27. 5.

After a year, we are back! Priestor súčasného tanca Košice in collaboration, with Cooltour Ostrava and Tabačka Kulturfabrik, supported by the Slovak Arts Council, presents the…

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Radim Vizváry

22. 5. 19:00

Let’s admit it. Who doesn’t at times watch some TV soap operas or read a tabloid? Lives of “VIPs” are simply attractive. Some of them are…

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OSTRAVA: Naahkanaama

Sirkus Aikamoinen presents Jouni Ruuth

23. 5. 19:00

Forget circus clowns and elephants! Nahkanaama or “leather mask” is a new crazy circus one-man show that doesn’t fear black humour. The author or Nahkanaama decided…

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KOŠICE: Topless America (ES)

Colectivo deria + Rectificadora

24. 5. 18:30

The performance where the ''taboo of perceiving the female body as an object'' is shattered and reflected in very unusual ways and forms.  This performance flows…

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OSTRAVA: Respire

Cie Circoncentrique

24. 5. 19:00

Respire, as the title implies, is a show that will take your breath away. It deals with interpersonal relationships and it accentuates the vital body function…

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OSTRAVA: Premiere / Premiéra


25. 5. 19:00

“In vain I resist the thrill that possesses me every time I fly…” (B. Laglerová: Z mého aviatického bloudění/ From My Aviation Wandering) Competitiveness, desire for success,…

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KOŠICE: Respire (I/F)

Cie Circoncentrique

25. 5. 20:00

An adventure that in the rhythm of breath brings viewers to the vortex of aerobatic poetics. The well-known duo of Alessandro Maida and Maxime Pythoud, emerged…

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KOŠICE: Jumika (SK/ES)

Priestor Súčasného Tanca

26. 5. 16:00

Family dance performance ideal as a child's first touch with theater and dance. Jumika is a mystical being, that connects me to my home from which…

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Markéta Stránská

26. 5. 17:00

LeŤ/FLY is a solo dance debut of the choreographer, performer, and physiotherapist Markéta Stránská. It is inspired by her physical experience of life with one leg,…

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OSTRAVA: Amazons / Amazonky

Lenka Vágnerová & company

26. 5. 19:00

Amazons could seriously become symbols of the present time when the borders between feminine and masculine principles are constantly challenged. Women are no longer seen as…

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KOŠICE: Patella – Floating Bone (FI)

Kaaos company

26. 5. 19:00

"I wish I could separate different body parts together and apart. Some of them are hanging in the air. You can allow them to look at…

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They stopped in the walking crowd, stepped out of the comfort zone and showed up. Dancer Soňa Tiger Ferienčíková rapping and rapper Pavol Lyrik Remiaš dancing.…

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