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KOŠICE: Patella – Floating Bone (FI)

Kaaos company

26. 5. 19:00

„I wish I could separate different body parts together and apart. Some of them are hanging in the air. You can allow them to look at us. Or they are even watching. Humans and objects, what’s the space in between us. Laughing bones, you can see the limits on my skin. Dream-like, we sense together. Wordless flying into a bellyflop.“ – performers

Patella – floating bone is a performative artwork created in collaboration with the KAAOS company by dance artist Georgie Goater (NZ) and theatre artist Elina Sarno (FI), originally as their dissertation work at Theatre Academy Helsinki. A curious array of objects and materials immerse  the shared space between performers and audience, suspending hyper-textures of unique qualities in sound, body, light, voice, object and movement. The materiality of each difference is a feast for the senses, equally dissolving the notion of difference itself. Hypnotic and playful, Patella – floating bone welcomes you as you are, and invites you to enter the calls of your sense responses. 

Concept: Elina Sarno & Georgina Goater

Collaborators/Performers: Noora Västinen, Siiri Tiilikka, Elina Sarno, Jonna Lehto, Georgina Goater

Mentors: Sally Davison, Gesa Piper

Sound design: Georgina Goater

Light design: Sofia Palilo 

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