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KOŠICE: Respire (I/F)

Cie Circoncentrique

25. 5. 20:00

An adventure that in the rhythm of breath brings viewers to the vortex of aerobatic poetics.

The well-known duo of Alessandro Maida and Maxime Pythoud, emerged during the artists‘ studies at the Academy of Performing Circus Arts in Brussels. Two friends, inseparable like a breath and exhale, explore their friendship.

The performance is inspired by relationships between people and nations. It examines the correlation between events and emotions, and their impact on breathing. Breathing is introduced as the finest thread that connects the artist with the viewer. The aim is to make such connection that allows the viewers to share all kinds of emotions, surprises and fears so they enjoy the perfect acrobatics that really does take the breath away.

You can look forward to amazing experimental movement theater, precise circus tricks, impressive acrobatics and peculiar humor. Let yourself dive into the admirable play of body and light!

Authors & performers: Alessandro Maida, Maxime Pythoud

Music: Lea Petra

Piano: Lea Petra / Isil Bengi

Tour management: Cécile Imbernon (La chouette diffusion)

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