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6th International Dance and Circus Festival

22. 5. - 27. 5.

After a year, we are back! Priestor súčasného tanca Košice in collaboration, with Cooltour Ostrava and Tabačka Kulturfabrik, supported by the Slovak Arts Council, presents the 2nd edition of Move Fest Košice – contemporary dance and new circus festival. 

Move Fest Košice 2019, which is taking place in May 22-27, 2019 and is hosted in Tabačka Kulturfabrik, introduces its this year’s theme: SUPER POWERS. 

Though, it is not going to be about superheroes, supernatural phenomena and physical strength. But rather about the superpowers, that are not physically manifested and yet move the world. Courage to be different, strength to step out of the comfort zone, to express your opinion, view, attitude, feeling. Courage to show otherness, to cross the boundaries of the everyday’s established. Courage to perceive and find beauty where others do not see it. Courage not to be restrained by anyone and anything. Power to express oneself freely,  to broaden the horizons, to open the lock doors, to go beyond imaginary boundaries.

Such courageous are the presented performances. Move Fest Košice brings the feminist performance Topless Amerika (ES), where the “taboo of perceiving the female body as an object“ is shattered and reflected in very unusual ways and forms. Respire (I/F), a new circus performance, leads the viewer into the acrobatic and poetic vortex of fascinating rotating, and  breathtaking movements, almost beyond known physicality. 

Further, Jumika (SK/ES), a performance, which represents a playful journey into the fantasy world accompanied by the supernatural being Jumika, for both, the young and the adults. This story develops and interacts with the youngest audience. Nothing is determined, there are no limitations, no story, no words. It’s only music, dancing and emotions. The inclusive performance of Patella Floating Bone (FI) brings a remarkable view. The performance invited the audience to the level of perception where the boundaries between body and object are erased.  It takes everything as it is. ZONE / S (SK) performance of a dancer and a rapper, where the rapper dances and the dancer raps.

The festival bring plenty of accompanying events, the opportunity to dance, participate in workshops, discussions. It provides space for networking with actors, choreographers, dancers, performers, with people who were enchanted by the world of unlimited possibilities. 

Don’t miss these extraordinary views and move your own knowledge limits.



22. – 23. 05. Festival Wednesday and Thursday
17: 00-20: 00 BODY MIND CENTERING / Alba Raventós (ES)
two-day movement workshop

24. 05. Festival Friday
18:00 festival Welcome!
18:30 TOPLESS AMERICA (ES) / Colectivo deria a Rectificadora
contemporary dance performance
presentation of festival artists

25. 05. Festival Saturday
17:00 PREMIETANEC / dance movie
18:30 SHAKE IT OFF (free dancing class with DJ)
new circus performance
22:00 DANCEOKE „superhero“ dance party

26.05. Festival Sunday
16:00 JUMIKA (SK/ES) / PST – Priestor Súčasného Tanca
dance performance for children
concert for children
19:00 PATELLA-floating bone (FI) / KAAOS COMPANY
an inclusive dance performance

27. 05. Festival Monday
contemporary dance performance
20:00 Festival Goodbye!

Festival pass: 20 €/15 € (adult/student, senior)

Tickets for individual performances or festival tickets can be purchased in advance via: During the festival, tickets can be purchased directly at the venue at least 60 minutes before the start of each performance.