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KOŠICE: Topless America (ES)

Colectivo deria + Rectificadora

24. 5. 18:30

The performance where the “taboo of perceiving the female body as an object“ is shattered and reflected in very unusual ways and forms. 

This performance flows through the Contact Improvisation, with a starting point as a process of co-creation where the scenic-technical and sound improvisation coexist and move.

We explore the discomfort, gender, poetics, wilderness, risk, transformation, minorities,

animality, woman, the personal experience… in a reflection of exchange on the body that talks.

Authors and performers: Alba Raventós, Alicia Soler, Trinidad García, Uma Maraval

Photos and video: Pedro Jospeh Rota Fikdler 

Sound: Tutti y Janek 

Ligtht Design: Conrado Parodi 

Single tickets for performances and the festival pass can be bought in advance at or During the festival, tickets are purchased directly at the venue 60 minutes before the beginning of each show.